Some sample quotes from the stories in the book. 

"When everything sleeps at night, clock and heartbeat give battle to silence, and sometimes, they dominate."

From "Clock and Heartbeat"

"Two-fifty a.m. and the moans woke me up, again. Grisly, irrepressible sex had exploded somewhere in my apartment. I tore from bed and followed the maniacal wails that assaulted the walls of my house with madness. It was as if the thrusts of passion were being performed with knife and nails and not with the body."

From "The Excavator"

“ 'There is no place for the traditional family any more. Look what happened forty years ago. We have collapsed, my brothers. We were negligent. If we want our economy to grow, if we want our glorious societies to be back in pole position, we need to leave everything behind us and espouse our companies. The company is your family now. Your employers are your fathers and your colleagues, your brothers. Your overtime is every time. You eat with them, sleep with them, laugh and make love, only to them. And they are, indeed, a very jealous lot.' ”

From  "La Resistance"

"  'God is dead, as some have said. But for us, Melanie, he is not dead enough.'  He pointed to a mess of flesh and blood that stood rotting on the ground. "

From "Of Widows and Devils"

"Something, far greater in strength and prowess than anything Leverie and Rosario could ever handle, seemed to be guiding the gargantuan transformation of atmosphere into these murky gargoyles; smoky parodies of mankind’s excesses. And as if the sky and land were mirrors facing each other, the entities multiplied themselves to infinity in operatic synchronicity, growls of apparent joy escalating with every birth."

From "The Age of Convergence"


  1. The quotes intrigued me, but I can't seem to find your book at B&N. Where is it available?

    1. Hi Alisha just to let you know that the book is set for a September release. Thanks for your interest. DO you have any work of your own?

  2. I would like a review of the new "Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter" novel at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.